A Late New Year Post

The year went by faster than I thought it would. I remember last year I was sulking over my family’s “misfortune” during New Year’s Eve and convincing myself 2014 would be better. While some bucket list items remain unchecked and disappointments still hounded me at work and in love, 2014 proved to be better than … Continue reading A Late New Year Post


Psychological Disorder and Relationships (Part 2)

One night while walking home from dinner at Greenbelt I blurted out to my former roommate, “Ate Mai, gusto ko na ng boyfriend.” She laughed, thought I was joking. When I said I wasn’t she answered me, “Ipag-pray mo.” How do I pray for a partner? I couldn’t even pray for myself without drifting into … Continue reading Psychological Disorder and Relationships (Part 2)