I Am 29

And more than thankful to God for everything I have and even those I lost. The last four years of my life has been in ruins. Starting from a failed relationship (2010-12, ang tagal ko naka-recover eh! Hehe!) then the deaths of my mother and grandmother (2013), my anxiety disorder, and a slew of career … Continue reading I Am 29


Psychological Disorder and Relationships (Part 2)

One night while walking home from dinner at Greenbelt I blurted out to my former roommate, “Ate Mai, gusto ko na ng boyfriend.” She laughed, thought I was joking. When I said I wasn’t she answered me, “Ipag-pray mo.” How do I pray for a partner? I couldn’t even pray for myself without drifting into … Continue reading Psychological Disorder and Relationships (Part 2)