Random Thoughts

I thought with all the empowering things I have done and said, I am immune to body and self-esteem issues. I’m not. So let’s just eat and be merry and always remember your smile is way better than hers.

Oooops! DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO HER. You are beautiful in a different, interesting, free-spirited way. And don’t worry about not being confident enough to wear that bright red lipstick. It’s not a requirement in summiting mountains or running half-marathons. You’re pretty with all that sweat trickling down your face or with purple lips from exposure in the unforgiving cold, and, yes, even with brown, sunburned nose.

02 Feb 2017. A not-so-random thought.

I changed my site name again. I think this is the fourth time I changed my blog’s name. But, really, I think this time it’s the most appropriate title for my site given the enormous amount of thoughts running through my head every minute.

27 Feb 2016. 


…but then again, he could be single…maybe I could go somewhere with him, like, I don’t know, Zamboanga? Or Iloilo which is more peaceful.

11 May 2015. Tune-up.


There is nothing you can do about when bosses start power tripping. Not unless you want to be ostracized in the workplace (the dreaded social death penalty) or be on the industry blacklist.

30 March 2015. A not-so-random thought.


When negative thoughts about singlehood get you, think of the many things you are able to do without a partner like spontaneously deciding to buy a bike or quitting a job or shopping for jackets during summertime. Sourgraping, yes, but if that’s what will get you out of the quicksand called self-pity then by all means sourgrape.

24 March 2015. Upon learning another wedding news of friends of friends.


The blog has a new look. Again. Does changing the theme all the time say something about the blogger? Always reinventing or never content?

08 March 2015


I was about to follow Lea Salonga on Instagram but the captions of her photos made me not to. As I read through her posts I was again reminded that not all fluent English speakers can write in English proficiently. So to keep my respect and admiration for her intact, I left her profile page and forgot I even thought of following her.

02 March 2015


When close friends get pregnant…

First they leave to work or further their studies abroad, then they meet boyfriends, get engaged, and then marry. You go from the kilig confidant to bridesmaid and eventually a godmother to their kids.


I thought separation anxiety is just an expression. I am beginning to think that is not the case. As another close friend is set to leave for Thailand sometime this year, I cannot help but feel extremely happy for her and at the same time sad for and frustrated with myself that I am the only one left here in the Philippines. My closest friends from college are now based in Singapore, Australia and Japan. Another one is working in Laos, she goes home for about 2 weeks then back to work in the mountains of Laos for the next six weeks.

26 February 2015


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