Oh My Knee!

Two days after the injury. Today is even worse. The pain is debilitating, so far the most painful physical pain I have ever felt in my life. I cannot bend my knee. When I do, it feels like my knee is being torn apart from the inside. The pain is making me either curse or call on God to have mercy on me.

I fell facedown on the concrete path I was running on yesterday. I tripped on uneven pavement, failed to regain my balance and fell down. Actually it was more like diving for the road. Like any accident, it happened so fast. One moment I was flailing my hands to keel myself from falling, the next I was getting up and sitting on the side to assess the damage.

I was thankful I didn’t hit my head, at the expense of my right knee. Even more thankful my other uncle was there to help me because none of the other runners/joggers/walkers there helped me or asked if I was okay.

My uncle and I made it home. I wasn’t even limping as we walked towards our house. But my overactive and anxious mind had already started its bad habit. Why did I fall? Was half of my body not functioning well? Was I dizzy?

Gladly, I was able to kick out those thoughts. Except for those that involve my half-marathon training and race.


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