I Am Now a 3K Finisher

New achievement! I ran 3 kilometers (no walking, promise!) yesterday morning when our group participated in a fun run organized by the city government of Sagay.

Many of us were regulars at fun runs in Manila three to four years ago, around the time our country manager quitted smoking and started adopting a more active lifestyle. While he still runs regularly most of us who started running with him led sedentary lifestyles after two years of trying to be fit.

My elevated cholesterol prompted me to be more active again and to eat more vegetables instead of KitKat. I maintained that kind of lifestyle for about 2 weeks then I went on vacation which meant that food, sleep and excuses not to run were unlimited.

When I got back to work from that field break I was still as lazy as a fat cat. Until we got an invitation from the local government to sponsor and participate in a fun run. Because I haven’t ran a fun run in three years and going back to training was like trying to quit a monotonous but high-paying job, I signed up for the 3K distance, usually the shortest distance in fun runs.

I was laughing at my decision to run a 3K. I used to run 5K in fun runs and my last run in 2011 was a 10K in which I clocked 1:16:03. But there’s always a first time, I said to myself. I can’t just run a 5K or a 10K without proper training and after years of being inactive. Plus, I’m older now.

We trained every afternoon about two weeks prior to the run. Thank God for our project manager who urged us to run with her when our minds had already conditioned our bodies to lie around after work. She also recommended some apps to help us train for the run. Cool beans!

And then the day of the fun run arrived. And I survived! My time was somewhere between 21-22minutes. I thought I was one of the top three finishers because the lady at the finish line asked for my name and handed me a blue flag. But it was a false alarm. She thought I ran a 5K. But it didn’t matter. I finished a 3K, ran it straight and it felt good. Runner’s high, haha!


One thought on “I Am Now a 3K Finisher

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